I consulted with Roger about sleep maintenance insomnia. I was usually able to fall asleep, sometimes with the help of melatonin chews, but I was often awakening after about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I then would take an hour or more to fall back to sleep, if I did so at all.

          I admitted to Roger that I was somewhat skeptical about the neurochemical theory supporting the efficacy of aroma therapy, but I was willing to try it. He discussed the specifics of my sleep problems with me, and prepared an inhaler with several essential oils blended together. I began using it and, much to my surprise, was able to sleep uninterrupted through the night.  If I did awaken, I was able to fall back to sleep within 30 minutes. Still skeptical and thinking this was just a "placebo effect", I continued to use it. I have been using it two months now, and I've concluded that the inhaler really must be working for  me.

     Roger also prepared an essential oil-based facial moisturizing cream for me, and it has eliminated the dryness and flaky skin around certain areas of my face. I would also recommend this product to anyone who has similar problems with patchy dry skin.

Thank you , Roger

Nick Palumbo

I was fortunate enough to meet Roger through some mutual friends.  After discussing some natural health practices and alternative ways to treat my anxiety/depression and sleep quality without pharmaceuticals, Roger agreed to work with me.  He was able to address my issues while reinforcing my belief in the importance of treating the whole body as it works in synergy for optimum health.  Roger is a beautiful soul with an amazing positive energy that is contagious.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in my life that I care about.  He's that good.

Jonathan Adams

I am 79 years old and have very sun damaged skin. I also have chemical sensitivities, so I just can't use products with preservatives and perfumes. Roger created a lotion for me that has been extremely helpful. My skin seems softer and smoother.  It has nutrients without artificial scents.

I think it's very helpful.

Harriett Allen

I had been using a prescribed inhaler for asthma symptoms for about 6 years.  I had never been comfortable using a steroid product; an alternative, healthier product just hadn't been apparent to me. Roger's certification in aromatherapy opened a new healing pathway for me.  After receiving my health history, Roger created for me an aromatherapy blend of 5 oils for use in an inhaler.  Using the inhaler - only a couple of times a day - has given me peace of mind about using a natural product, and the ease of clear breathing I now experience happens very quickly,  I've discontinued use of the prescribed inhaler product.  Thank you, Roger!

Byll Kissig

I've known Roger of Lotus Aromatherapy for almost six years. He recently prepared an  essential oil blend in both a roll on and inhaler variety. I was amazed at his ability to listen and intuit the perfect blends for my symptoms. I love the way they’ve not only supported a physical change but also significant emotional and spiritual shifts as well. Thank you Roger.

Robyn Adaire

 “I’m loving the inhalers for ADHD  and for sleep.  The cream for my son’s eczema works wonders and that mango butter is some kind of wonderful.  Thank you again.”

Jennifer Callam

Thank you. I absolutely love it!!!! Wonderful facial cream.  And my principal loves it too. My teaching assistant and a few little students (girls, of course) commented on how nice I smelled. They were surprised to hear that it was facial cream. I'm sooo happy that you told me about it. That was a gift.  I feel so fortunate to have found you and to learn of your products. They are of the finest quality.  I will be a regular customer.

Liz Crider

Just wanted to send you a quick email. I had an emergency surgery last Tuesday and while it has been a whirlwind of madness in our house balancing kids and daily life that just keeps continuing, a week later came an immense amount of irritation from the surgical glue that has disrupted life! I had tried everything, Benadryl, heating bands, surgical bands to “trick” the nerves into focusing on that rather than the glue. Nothing worked. It finally occurred to me to try the eczema cream that jack uses for his hands. Boy did that do the trick! FINALLY I have relief.  Thank goodness for the amazing work you do! Just thought you should know your jars of cream are amazing little rockstars

Jennifer Callam

I have experienced occasional flare ups gout for a number of years and had always treated with anti-inflammatory medications. Unfortunately, my latest attack did not respond to these drugs and a course of steroids was ineffective as well. I tried some herbal remedies and didn't experience any relief. On the recommendation of a colleague, I decided to try essential oil treatments. Roger was able to quickly provide me with a combination of oils in a small roll on bottle. I was skeptical, but the results were amazing. The pain and swelling subsided within a day, and after a few more days no additional applications were needed. I now have a new "go to" treatment thanks to Roger.

Ken Porz

"Behold The Jewel In The Lotus"