Handmade Soap

I make all my soaps with natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is ever added.  The recipe I use calls for a cleansing, conditioning experience.  I use castor oil in the mix of oils to help make the soap lather feel very soft and creamy.  The bars that I make are hard and will last long.  I use different micas (silicate minerals)  for color and design

All the oils I use are premium quality.  I use a combination of  selected oils from a list of olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil (sustainably sourced), avocado oil, castor oil, French Green Clay.  I do put Kaolin white clay  in all my soaps, which contributes to the softness of my soap's lather.

I normally do not add essential oils, mainly because of the cost.  Adding them would raise the price of the soap. I will use them upon request, however the entire batch would have to be purchased.

Below are pictures of what I currently have in stock for immediate purchase.  Because of curing time, special orders usually take three to four weeks for delivery.

Pricing:  $18 a pound.  Each bar is weighed prior to final sale.  Email for info and purchase.

"Behold The Jewel In The Lotus"